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About us

Pehin Kapitan China Kornia Diraja Dato Paduka Lau Ah Kok, THE FOUNDER OF Hua Ho empire was born in 1917 in a farmer’s family in little Jin Meng. He sought his parents’ blessing to leave his homeland in search of better opportunities in Brunei Darussalam, where his brother-in-law had promised him a job at a small grocery shop. His patience, wisdom, perseverance and determination were key to his success. From a small farm and a ‘kedai runcit”, he has bulit an empire in Brunei. He started Hua Ho in 1947 and had to close it for legal reasons. After the closure, Hua Ho was then reborn in 1961. Hua Ho currently has eleven outlets which are located in Kiulap, Mini Mart, Gadong 2, Delima, Tutong, Mulaut, Bebatik Kilanas, Tanjong Bunut, Sengkurong, Manggis and Sungai Hanching. The department store eventually has become one of the largest retail businesses in the country.